As a web designer, understanding how to create a professional and trustworthy brand is important. Most small businesses don’t even have a website. This hinders brand awareness, as we are in the digital age where consumers seek out a website before purchasing from a business. This initial connection is very vital to creating a customer base.

You may have branding all over your storefront, but what about your online brand? It should resonate from your storefront right into your online brand. When a consumer checks out your website, they make a decision. When they enter your store, a consistent brand recognition will create loyalty and trustworthiness which will end in a sale with a lifetime customer.

If you’re ready to create your online brand, why wait? Let’s discuss where you’re at and where you want to go. I want to help you align your online presence with your storefront goals.

A Short Background About Me

I have been creative since I was young; it became clear that I would aspire to something that would have me designing the things around me. At a young age, I became fascinated with digital art when computers and internet boomed in the early 2000s. I quickly took hold of the concept and began my life’s quest: graphic design.

Graduating at 16, I moved on to college to receive my Associate of Arts degree in Graphic and Web Design. In my thirst for knowledge, I began to study on my own through various means such as webinars, research articles, marketing classes, and other online resources. I have been submerged in the graphic and web design world for more than 10 years.

-Stephanie McQueen

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