How to Take a Screenshot on a Windows and Mac Computer: Step-by-Step

If you’re Googling phrases like “how to screenshot on computer”, you’re probably stuck in that unfortunate situation where you want to take a screenshot of something on your computer but you don’t know quite how to do that. Then, we’ll also share some good third-party screenshot tools and how to upload the screenshots that you……
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December 19, 2018 0

Gutenberg Block Editor vs Elementor vs Divi Builder: A Comparison

With the release of the new block editor in WordPress 5.0 (aka Gutenberg), you may be questioning whether it will replace plugins that provide similar visual content building functionality. That is, when it comes to the Gutenberg block editor vs Elementor vs Divi Builder, how do the tools compare and which one is right for……
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December 18, 2018 0

WordPress Favicon Guide: How to Create One and Add It to Your Site

Looking for an easy way to add a WordPress favicon to your site? A favicon is the tiny image you’ll see at the left-hand side of any browser tab. By default, your site will only include a generic picture, so it’s up to you to add something custom. Doing this will help your site appear……
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December 17, 2018 0

How to Create a Landing Page With the Block Editor in WordPress

Wondering if it’s possible to create a landing page with the block editor that was released as part of WordPress 5.0? It is indeed, and this post will show you how. Thanks to the new “block” approach, you now have the ability to set up hero sections, call to actions (CTAs), and other important elements of……
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December 13, 2018 0

How to Disable the Block Editor (aka Gutenberg) and Use the Previous WordPress Editor

The latest WordPress update is finally here – and it’s a big one. WordPress 5.0 brings a number of changes, but none is more significant than the new block editor, which you might also know as Gutenberg (its name while under development). If you don’t like the new editing experience in WordPress 5.0, you might……
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December 12, 2018 0

What Is WordPress? WordPress 101, Explained for Beginners

“So what is WordPress, exactly?” – you might be wondering. While WordPress is certainly not the only website operating system around, it is the unquestionable leader in this space. At the time of writing, WordPress runs 32% of all websites. Again, that is *all* websites. Just to show you how big the gap is between WordPress……
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December 11, 2018 0

How to Optimize Your WooCommerce Product Page in 4 Simple Steps

While there’s a lot that goes into making your eCommerce store successful, each product’s WooCommerce product page is the make or break spot where you either get your customer to add a product to their cart or they move onto something else. After all, if you want to make a lot of sales, you need……
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December 10, 2018 0

Gutenberg Blocks: What They Are and How to Use Them in WordPress

Set to release on December 6, 2018, WordPress 5.0 brings along one major update – the new Gutenberg editor. If you want to get the most from this tool, you’ll need to learn about the Gutenberg blocks system. Gutenberg helps you create content in a more visual way than the previous TinyMCE editor. To do this,……
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December 6, 2018 0

What Is a Content Management System? The Answer, Plus 7 Examples

A content management system (CMS) helps you create and manage a website via a human-friendly interface rather than needing to work directly with code. Over the rest of this post, we’ll dig into the question of “what is a content management system” in more detail and share some examples of the most popular content management……
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December 5, 2018 0

Here Are the Key Differences Between Web Design and Development

When you’re reading about building websites, you’ll often come across the terms “web design” and “web development”. These two phrases can easily be confusing because people seem to use them in the same way, which might prompt you to question the difference between web design and development. While the terms ‘design’ and ‘development’ are often……
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December 4, 2018 0