Finally, the easy way to find clients as a copywriter you’ve been searching for…

Discover How To Get Clients To Line Up For Your Copywriting Services And BEG You to Take Their Money WITHOUT Chasing Leads or Cold Emailing...
Even If You Are A New Copywriter
With Zero Experience

Imagine showing everyone that doubted you (including yourself)
your massive monthly paycheck from writing copy…

And all it took to kickstart your career was something so simple…

Yet 95% of freelance copywriters starting out in their career won’t do THIS one thing, leaving life-changing money on the table.

Dear Copywriter, 

My name is Stephanie McQueen, and in just a moment, I will show you how to easily get clients fast who need your copywriting service…

Just as I have for vast numbers of other people, year after year after year.

And I will do this for you…

No matter what kind of results you’ve been getting (or not getting) up to this point…

And no matter how difficult it has been for you to find clients — especially clients willing and ready to hire you — to write copy for them. 

Does any of this sound like you?

Your job is a complete dead end with no future

You became a copywriter to quit your job and be your own boss. You’re sick and tired of letting other people make decisions for you. You’re ready to take charge of your life and not let someone else dictate your future for you.

If only someone would give you a chance, you could get some traction with your copywriting skill...

You hate working long days and overtime

You're ready to set your own hours, but instead of working two hours in the morning and relaxing the day away like you want to...You find yourself working harder and longer with less and less to show for it (maybe even ON TOP of a 9-to-5 job). You want more money and more free time, but you’re really getting less of both.

You're overwhelmed and exhausted from burnout, just trying to keep it together until you make it...

You hate talking to strangers

Now that you're a copywriter, finding people and starting conversations with them is your new “normal,” but you've never felt comfortable doing it. Reaching out to several strangers a day can be exhausting, and even sometimes, frustrating...Especially when those strangers turn around and try to sell you THEIR services. Even competitive freelance sites, meant to help you connect with the right people, can burn so much energy...yet you get little to no results.

You just wish there was a better way to land clients...

You're sick and tired of being treated like a commodity

You're constantly fighting for low-paying gigs on freelance sites like Fiverr and Upwork... And you're done being paid low-dollar for your high-value work. You know that you can make as much money as you can possibly spend (and more) as a copywriter...

But you can't seem to find that ONE client to change everything for you...

You feel powerless and out of control

You never know what to do with the problems and issues weighing you down. You feel lost and confused -- 100% out of your element, as you struggle to get your first client or earn enough to pay the mortgage. Time seems to go by with no results to show for your efforts, and you’re left wondering...

Will I ever get my big break?

If you’ve ever felt like this, don’t worry. I have, too.

I remember the crushing doubt and wondering whether I was doing the right things as a new freelancer.

Applying left and right to freelance sites like Fiverr left me feeling GROSS.

I hated being treated like a commodity…

And competing with other freelancers for demanding gigs that paid pennies

WAY LESS than I was actually worth…

Left me feeling frustrated and confused. 

I found myself questioning everything — my methods, my training, even myself

Feeling like a weight was holding me down, I would ask myself over and over again…

“Why can’t I find my ideal clients? Am I looking in the right places?”

“Have I done the right research?”

“Why does this seem easy for others when it’s so difficult for me…?”

Then when I wasn’t getting the results I wanted, the cutting thoughts would come in…

“How can I help others if I can’t even help myself?

“Why did I ever think I could actually do this?”

“Maybe I’m not cut out for this…”

Even When I Got A Client To Bite, I Was Met With Questions That Left Me Feeling Helpless and Worthless...

“Can You Send Me Samples?”

This was my biggest problem, because they’d take samples and I’d never hear back. I felt used which just left me with more questions and self-doubt...

“Do you Have a resume or portfolio I can view?”

"Uhhhh... Does my LinkedIn Profile count? It's sort of like a resume, right?"
Then I would scramble to check it and make sure everything looked perfect.

“How much experience do you have working in (niche)?”

"Does passion count?"
I'm really passionate about (niche), but I've only been a copywriter for a few months...

“Do you have testimonials or references I can view?”

(This was the most embarrassing one to answer.)
What am I supposed to say? “I’ve only been doing this for a few months, but I practice every day and have great potential!”
Yeah, cause that's believable...

Does it Ever Get Better?

Although you find the strength to keep looking for your first client (or the ONE client that will change everything), you repeat the same steps again and again…

  • Roam the vast internet to research more about your ideal client…
  • Discover where your ideal client likes to spend their time on the internet…
  • Go to those places and begin providing value by writing articles and creating meaningful posts…
  • Message or email those you believe could benefit most from your services…
  • Connect with other people on LinkedIn…

All with the hope your ideal client will recognize you as a copywriter and reach out with a project in mind.

Only to get no response, or worst, be turned down after waiting several days to hear back.

Still, you keep on trying, keep repeating the process, because you’re told this is what you need to do to get clients. 

But at the end of the day, after you’ve burned yourself out, what is there to show for it?

Where does it end?

When will you get your lucky break?

Where is that one client that says “yes” and changes your life forever?

And really, how can you expect different results if you’re doing the same things over and over again?

The truth is it will only get better if you change your client-getting tactics. And that’s exactly what I’m going to show you how to do in just a moment.  

The Simple Client-Getting Solution
That Will Change Everything

If you’re sick and tired of taking the same steps over and over again…

Only to get little to no results…

Then it’s time you discover the client-getting solution that will change how you get clients FOREVER.

With this simple and effective tool, you will never have to chase clients again. 

In fact, they will come to you.

Even better, those pointed questions clients — the ones that do respond to your cold email or message — love to ask that make you feel powerless…

Can you send samples?

Do you have a portfolio?

How much experience do you have?

Do you have any testimonials?

…You can answer ALL of these questions with ONE answer.

“You can view my samples, experience, and portfolio on my website, but I’m unable to work with every client that applies to work with me due to high demand.”

You read that right. 

Because when you use this tool, you’ll have clients clamoring to apply to work with you. That makes you a high-demand copywriter. 

It’s true copywriters are already in high demand…

But the problem is you’ve been trying to compete with commodity writers. 

The key is setting yourself apart from writers charging pennies…

By setting up a simple system that enables clients to find you

And immediately recognize you as a copywriting expert.  

Now you may be wondering, What kind of system could possibly do this?

Well, the solution to all your struggles is a simple one…

Yet so many new freelancers don’t do THIS one thing. 

Either because they think they can do without it…

Or, they feel it’s out of their reach in the early stage of their career. 

(But because you’re reading this right now, you’ll know better.)

And because they don’t have this system in place, they’re experiencing burnout and constant disappointment. 

Even worst, they’re losing daily money-making opportunities…

Which is why it’s crucial you realize this key piece.


A Professional, Game-Changing Website and Marketing Funnel will Build Your Reputation, Generates Leads, Convert Prospects Into Clients, And Leave Your Competition In The Dust

(Even If You’re A New Copywriter With ZERO Experience
or an established copywriter looking to land that ONE big client)

If you’re FINALLY ready to have clients lining up to sign up for your copywriting service, then this is THE solution for you. 

As freelancers, we get so busy chasing the clients, we forget that the most important aspect of business is having a marketing strategy — a plan of action focused on achieving a single goal. 

In this case, the goal is getting YOU more clients than you can handle!

And the fundamental block of any effective marketing strategy designed to bring in a heap of clients is a professional website. 

Why? Because for one thing, a website instantly boosts your credibility. 

For another, it gives you a place to showcase your copywriting skills with your portfolio.

Which sells you as a copywriting expert to your clients BEFORE you even talk to them. 

Even better, it’s where your clients will apply to work with you or schedule a call with you to discuss a project. 

Having your own website may seem like a common sense solution, but so many new freelance copywriters skip over this option completely because…

They feel owning their own website is out of their budget, too time-consuming to create, or not worth the effort. They think to themselves, I’ll just use social media to get clients. 

And we know how well that works out for them, don’t we? 

Unfortunately, the ones that do recognize the value of a professional website lack the know-how or the time to get a website going…

And the few that do manage to scrape a website together without any prior knowledge….

Well, it’s clear someone without any design experience tried to build a professional, clean web page…and missed the target by a few meters. 

But a professional website alone will NOT make you money. 

Because to get prospective clients on your website, you need a strategic marketing funnel to get their attention on you — and then keep it on you through the entire buyer’s journey.

The marketing funnel is what turns your website into a client-getting system that converts leads into paying clients. 


In the end, the only way to stand out as a freelance copywriter and attract your ideal client is to…

Set Yourself Apart From Your Competition With a Proven Marketing Strategy

Who Am I and Why Should You Listen to Me?

Hi there, my name is Stephanie McQueen, and I am a web designer and marketing entrepreneur. I’ve been designing websites for  11 years

I’m also a mom to a 3-year old princess, wife to the man of my dreams, and cancer survivor.

In case you’ve never heard of me, here’s why I’m qualified to tell you websites and funnels are the go-to solution for getting clients…

  • I got my degree in web and graphic design in 2009.
  • I am a certified High-Income Copywriter. 
  • I’m also a certified Marketing specialist and a certified Email Marketing expert.

I spend my days studying systems like funnels and marketing strategies, so I can reduce your costs, increase your revenue and maximize your brand awareness. 

You may be asking yourself, Why do I want to help you? Why do I care so much?

I've Been Where You're At

I remember what it’s like to struggle to find clients — not knowing where to look and what ot do to get a sustainable income stream started.  

After discovering the valuable skill of copywriting and learning it for myself, I decided to pursue clients as a freelance copywriter for a time…

And that’s when it all came back to me — how much I hated being seen as a commodity and having to fight against other freelancers for a gig…

Thankfully, I had an epiphany soon after, and it’s the reason you are reading this right now

One day as I looked out at other copywriters in my networking groups — people I see as an extension of my family due to our shared desire to become the best of versions of ourselves — and realized…

Most new copywriters — and even copywriters somewhat established in their freelance career — just don’t have the skills or knowledge to build a website, funnel, or email automation, even if their very life depended on it. 

Whereas I have both skills — copywriting and website design — plus training in marketing and branding. 

That revelation sent my mind into overdrive, because at that moment, I knew I could help copywriters like you jumpstart their career. 

I love helping entrepreneurs get started, build their brand, stay ahead of their competition, and create raving fans out of their followers

I'm trying to start my own YouTube channel and I didn't know where to start, other than just creating an account. I needed a direction, a marketing strategy to launch my channel. My concerns were that I don't understand that much about social media, target audience or how to promo my channel. I honestly was just trying to "wing it", just learning a tip here or there from others, maybe watch another YouTube channel. I really didn't have much to go on. Stephanie goes above and beyond, she will do what it takes to make it work for you.

Evelyn Butcher
Country Nuggett


Right now more than half of freelance copywriters are relying on someone else’s website to get business and create an income stream.  Are you one of them?

I’m talking about social media platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook. Or, freelance sites like Fiverr and Upwork. These are all websites owned by someone else. 

Now that you know the value of having your own website and marketing funnel, you need to take a hard look at what you’re doing.

How many websites are you currently using to promote yourself that belong to someone else?

Where are you referring people to look when they ask to see your portfolio, resume, or samples? Is it your website or is it someone else’s like LinkedIn?

Are you writing articles and giving value through social media posts on someone else’s website?


If you’re using freelance sites, are you landing clients and making money?

And if you do have your own website, ask yourself this…

Is it finished? Are you ready to share it with others? Is it bringing you clients?

Now let me ask you this…

If you’ve been putting all your effort into another person’s site…

Or, you’ve been trying to build a website, but aren’t getting the results you want…

What are you getting for all of your hard work? Some pocket change?

If you’re unhappy with answer, don’t worry. I’ve got you covered. 

Let’s turn that pocket change into massive change

I’m ready to offer you my expertise — all 11 years of technical knowledge and experience designing, building and maintaining websites — to bridge the gap…  

On top of my website building skills, you’ll also be leveraging my funnel building skills, which will help you convert leads into paying clients effortlessly. 

Now I’m guessing you probably don’t have the funds to pay big money for a website designer to create a high-value website for you just yet. 

But that’s where I come in, because I’m ready to offer you an exclusive and limited-time deal so shocking other marketing professionals think I’m crazy for even proposing it…

Here's How Much I Normally Charge

My smallest design package is $1,997, and it offers the bare minimum that any entrepreneur would need to get started with an online presence — a website and logo.

And that doesn’t even include marketing, branding, consulting, or strategy (such as funnel building). All of which are necessities in business in today’s online market.

While I have a bundle that include all of these, you’d be looking at a price tag of $9,597 or more.

For a Limited-Time Only, I'm Offering a 60% Discount

Because it’s so important to me to help you get started right in your freelance copywriting career…

I’m cutting the price of my smallest design package by over half –that’s a $1,197 discount — so you can establish yourself as a copywriting expert to your  future clients sooner. 

That means you only have to pay $800 to get a stunning website and marketing funnel designed to bring clients to you. 

The catch? The discount is in exchange for your copywriting service, but I’ll be giving you a testimonial to add to your website, which will give you a massive boost in credibility. (More on this in a moment.) 

And I haven’t even gotten to the best part…

I'm Going to Halve the upfront cost

I’m unable to discount the cost for my time any further, but I can offer you an installment plan of two payments. 

That means you make a $400 deposit today, and you don’t have to pay the other $400 until 60 days from now.

That’s right. 60 days. 

Your website will take 30 days to create from start to finish, and I won’t ask for the remaining $400 until 30 days have passed. 

This way your website and funnel will show for itself how well it can have clients lining up at your door. 

If you thought a website was out of reach, what about now? 

Need a Testimonial?

Social proof is one of the most powerful selling tools we have in today’s world…

Because of this, I want to give you a testimonial for your work…

However, I can’t give one without actually hiring you to do copywriting.

So I’d like to propose a service exchange as a special bonus for you as part of the exclusive discount.

You write some copy for me and not only will you gain a massive discount on this offer…

You will also get a testimonial to add to your website AND have copy that isn’t a spec-ad to include in your portfolio. 

If you like what you’ve read so far, keep reading to get a massively reduced rate on a professional, sexy website funnel by writing copy for me.

There are 32 Copywriters Reading This Page Right Now,
But Only 10 Copywriters Will Be Accepted

You read that right...
due to High-Demand, I can only accept
10 copywriters for this Limited-Time Offer.

There is such a high-demand for my offer that I can only accept the first 10 qualified copywriters that apply for this offer and pay the initial $400 deposit.

I will be dedicating my highly valued time and energy to help you jumpstart your freelance copywriting career. However, I won’t take just anyone…

Only apply for this offer if...

You know that the only way to make your dreams happen is to take action on them, and not quit until you've achieved them...

You aren't afraid of working a few hours extra each week (as long as those extra work hours equal extraordinary results). You're ready to implement all your knowledge into the niche of you dreams and start rolling in the revenue.

You're a copywriter that desires to have a steady income and regular clients that pay you every month. Whether it's $2,000 or $10,000 every month, you know you can achieve it with the right tools and connections.

You understand the impact of copy on selling and are confident in your abilities. But you don't have the technical skills to build or design a sales funnel or website.

You're willing to write some copy for me in exchange for a testimonial and this ridiculously reduced offer. We'll discuss the details in a moment, but it can be anything that you specialize in (email, articles, social media, etc.). It'll kick off your credibility and pump your funnel even further.

Warning: This is NOT for every copywriter.

This program is NOT for you if…

You see copywriting and freelancing as a hobby or passing fancy…

You think success and wealth will fall into your lap without hard work and fast implementation…

You’re looking for a magic pill or a get-rich-quick scheme…

You aren’t ready to FINALLY get clients eager to hire you and get massive results…

This is an intense 4-week marketing breakdown and funnel building process. We will be working hard to get your site ready by the 30th day.

After all, it’s your future we’re talking about… 

So you need to ask yourself: How serious are you about getting results?

Write copy And get a testimonial
from my High-Ranking company

I run a few blogs online that I’m want to scale into 6-figure businesses.

One is well-known in the industry and ranks in the top 5 for traffic in its niche.

This particular blog is shifting into building shelter communities for the homeless. So every time it makes money (through an item purchase or donation), it directly funds the ability to help people get off the streets and teach them new skills for the workforce.

It started out as a hobby blog, but now I want to change as many lives as possible, and I need your help to do it. 

As a cancer survivor, I’ve learned my time is precious. That’s why it’s vital my time is used on tasks that will scale the business fast. 

If the cancer comes back, it might be the last time. So, I really don’t have the luxury of spending countless hours writing copy...

Wow! Stephanie created an absolutely beautiful website for our Non-Profit Charity! It looks great, works well, and is very professional! Thank you!
- Linda deJong, New Hope For Africa

That's where you come in

I’m ready to give you a HUGE discount (remember, I’m taking $1,197 off the original price) and a testimonial to boost your credibility.  

All I’m asking for is some copywriting in exchange.

And why am I offering this once-in-lifetime deal?

Because I’ve been where you’re at. I know what it’s like starting a new career path as a freelancer, and I really want to see you succeed. 

With everything I’m offering you, this could be the exposure you need to jumpstart your copywriting career or attract that ONE life-changing client. 

For an upfront payment of $400, you’ll gain priceless credibility, exposure, and experience — and that’s ON TOP of getting a shiny new website and lead-generating funnel. 

And you won’t have to pay the remaining $400 until 60 days later — that’s an entire 30 days after your website goes live, giving you plenty of time to see your website and funnel in action. 

How will it work?

First, our priority will be getting your website created. 

Once that’s done, I’ll give you access to my marketing documents where I keep top-secret marketing research on the target audience, including a list of topics…

So you can crank out copy that best fits your specialization.r


Depending on your specialization, here is what I’m asking for:

  • If you love to send short personalized messages, I’d like an email sequence of 3 3 emails (less than 300 words each). 
  • If you enjoy educating readers, I’d like 1 blog article (a minimum of 700 words).
  • If you write engaging Facebook content, I’d like 5 Facebook posts.
  • If you know how to please on Instagram, I’d like 10 Instagram posts.
  • If you’re quick witted and write sharp, I’d like 15 Twitter posts.
  • If you are great with B2B communications, I’d like 1 LinkedIn article (a minimum of 400 words).
  • If your copy can convert the biggest skeptic, I’d like 1 sales letter.
  • If you enjoy sharing and educating with video, 1 video script. 

Every qualified copywriter will also receive
these 3 Bonuses with this exclusive offer

Bonus #1

Full branding development, strategy,
and consultation ($1,450 value)

We’ll work together to establish your personal brand, including a logo design that is professional and memorable. I want you to stand out from everyone else because you’re a dedicated and hard working copywriter — you deserve to have your time in the spotlight. 

Those low-value writers (commodity writers who only think they’re writing copy) will wonder how you do it as you rack in the revenue from clients they only dream they could have.

Bonus #2

Lead magnet funnel ($797 value)

Once we’ve narrowed down your target market and ideal client, we’ll build the strategy and funnel for a lead magnet. This lead magnet will be the key to your success.

Best part about lead magnets? It can be anything you want. Plus, you can have as many as you want.

Lead magnet with a download? ✓

Another with an email course? ✓

A third with an eBook? ✓

(But for this package we’ll hyper-focus on a single magnet for best results. We can add more later as you expand your reach.)

Bonus #3

Email Automation setup, configuration,
and strategy consultation ($950 value)

After we’ve done the market research, set up your brand, and created a lead magnet, we’ll go over the strategy behind what sort of email campaign we can create.

Naturally, I’ll take care of the technical stuff: set up, tagging, configuration, integrations, plus all the other little things…

All you’d need to do is write the email content and subject lines. Simple enough?

Take action now to Receive $3,197 Total in Bonuses

If you aren’t a copywriter -- sorry, I can’t offer this deal to you.

After reaching out to Stephanie she has been a tremendous help. She gave me the help that pointed me in the direction I needed to get started with my feet on solid ground for growth. I'm still just getting started and this will be an ongoing project but I'm more confident now with knowing she's there to help along the way for a greater success than on my own.
Lisa Ramirez
Essentials For Living
When we found Stephanie, it was like we run across the miracle. She took care of every little detail that we needed plus with her vast knowledge she was able to ask the questions and get us to think more in-depth about the things that we had no idea about while developing a website.
Charles Butcher
Loafin' Around LLC

Don't Let This Opportunity Pass You By!
This is a Limited-Time Only Offer.
I may Never Offer Something Like This Ever Again.

Do YOU want to be chosen
or do you want to watch others be chosen?

5 Reasons why you should take this offer

You want to be respected as an expert in copywriting

There is nothing quite like a professional copywriter that has a solid personal brand backed up by a sexy website design. Not to mention, you'll be showcasing your high-impact copy by writing your own copy for your website.

When they visit your website and read your copy, they won't be able to doubt your skill as a copywriter.

You're sick and tired of being treated like a commodity

You're done being paid low-dollar for your high-value work. With your own funnel, you have unlimited profit potential. You can make as much money as you can possibly spend (and more).

Want to make an extra $2,000 a month? Okay. Need to make an extra $10,000? No problem. It's up to you.

You have a computer and internet connection

You can run your copywriting empire from anywhere. All you need is a computer and an internet connection.

Go ahead. Write by a pool on your laptop. It'll be our little secret.

You hate starting conversations with random people

There'll be no more chasing clients. Your funnel will bring the clients to you. Simply have them sign up for your email list and go through your automated sales funnel. The moment they apply they're qualified and ready to pay top dollar to work with you.

Even better? You decide who you work with -- they may want to work with you, but that doesn't mean you have to work with them. Being in high-demand means you have the freedom to turn away nightmare clients.

You can start small (then go big)

Your business doesn't have to be big. In fact, you may be happy just making $100,000 every year. The best part is your website will continue to serve you whether you are small or big.

The best part? You don't need office space or ridiculous overhead to run your business.

Results are Guaranteed
(Or, I'll give You One-Year of
Website Maintenance for FREE)

My promise to you is that you’ll generate leads within 30 days.

I created this package exclusively for copywriters. This means while it’s up to you as a copywriter to create compelling copy for your website…

It’s also up to me to give your copy flair with a stunning website design and help you narrow down your target audience and find clients with my marketing knowledge and expertise.

If you don’t get at least ONE lead within the first 30 days after your site is live, then I have failed you as a designer, as a fellow copywriter, and as a marketing consultant.

If I can't deliver results, You can...

Keep the rest of your money

If I failed to make your site generate at least one lead in the first 30 days, there's no need to pay the last $400. Keep it. Go buy yourself an expensive steak dinner or luxury massage.

Keep the website, design, email marketing, and funnel

Everything we've built up to that point is yours to keep. I won't remove or take anything back, plus I'll even help you readjust the design and copy for free.

I'll pay you for all of your copywriting

I will pay top dollar for any copywriting piece you've written for me up to that point. That's in addition to the testimonial I'll give you.

365 days of services from me personally ($5,964 value)

I will take care of the back-end of your website. This includes hosting, domain registration, maintenance, security measures, minor design adjustments, and marketing consulting. Every. Single. Day.

Here's what your portfolio & funnel will look like

Here's what The timeline Looks Like

Submit Deposit (Today)

Remember I can only accept the first 10 copywriters that are qualified and have a deposit submitted. Stop second-guessing yourself before you miss out!

Research & Strategy (Week 1)

During the first week, we'll go over some advanced branding techniques and strategies, look at your ideal client (and where to find them), and start building a marketing strategy.

Branding (Week 2)

Once we've finished marketing and research, we'll establish a solid brand for you (either as a person or business -- your choice). This will resonate with your audience and reflect professionalism back to your clients. They will be proud to work with you and happy to refer more work to you.

Design & Copy (Week 3)

This is where we work together to build the site. I'll take care of the technical stuff while you write the copy for the site. Don't worry, it's not as hard as it might sound. I'll be here to walk you through it. (After all, I'm a copywriter, too, remember?)

Website Launch (Week 4)

This week we'll wrap up and launch your website. Your email automation will be finalized and setup to accept new leads.

Start Getting Qualified Leads (Week 4-8)

During this next month, you will be generating leads with your website and funnel. As you meet new people and learn more about the market, you'll be able to adjust your copy and message to hone in on your target.

Begin Writing for Testimonial (Beginning of of Week 5)

Now that your site is done, I can give you access to the top secret documents you've been waiting for...And you'll begin writing the copy we agreed on when you signed on. Once I have the completed copy in my hands, I can give you a testimonial. (I'll even update your site for free.)
Remember, not all copy is due in the first month. I'll work with you on a timeline so you can focus on writing copy your clients, too.

Last $400 Due (End of Week 8)

If you don't generate a single lead from your website and funnel, not only will not have to pay the last payment of $400...I will give you 365 days of my website maintenance services for FREE (a $5,964 value). That's how confident I am you'll see results from your website and funnel.

Read more about my guarantee here.

Frequently Asked Questions

If I'm writing for you, will I have time for my own clients?

By no means do I want to get in the way of your success. However, I would need at least one piece of copy in order to give you a testimonial.

Beyond that, I don't want you to feel pressured. Here are the minimum requirements: Articles (1 per month), Emails (2 per month), Social Media Posts (10 per month)

I'm only asking for a small amount in return for a testimonial alongside this exclusive discount. I am counting on you to be able to take action and implement quickly.

Depending on your specialization, here is what I’m asking for:

If you love to send short personalized messages, I'd like an email sequence of 3 3 emails (less than 300 words each).
If you enjoy educating readers, I'd like 1 blog article (a minimum of 700 words).
If you write engaging Facebook content, I'd like 5 Facebook posts.
If you know how to please on Instagram, I'd like 10 Instagram posts.
If you're quick witted and write sharp, I'd like 15 Twitter posts.
If you are great with B2B communications, I'd like 1 LinkedIn article (a minimum of 400 words).
If your copy can convert the biggest skeptic, I'd like 1 sales letter.
If you enjoy sharing and educating with video, 1 video script.

How will I know what to write about?

Once we're finished with your website project, I will give you access to the top secret documents that have the topics, audience, and market research. Either you can choose what interests you or I can assign topics, whichever you prefer.

Remember, don't sweat the small stuff! Let's focus on you first.

How will I get clients to my site?

While there are many ways to get clients to your site, the most common is advertising (both paid and non-paid).

The other way is to manually send people to your landing page. You can do this through any means that would encourage a person to click a link.

We'll discuss it in full once we've started your project. This is answered while we're doing market research.

How do I know if my copy is working for my website?

You'll know because you'll have analytics and notifications in place to tell you. We'll go over it in full while we're working together as part of the marketing consulting and website setup.

When do you need the copywriting done by for you to give me a testimonial?

While I do need at least 1 piece of copy to give a testimonial, I don't want you to feel pressured. Here are the minimum requirements: Articles (1 per month), Emails (2 per month), Social Media Posts (10 per month)

It's in your best interest to deliver at least one piece to me within the first 14 days of your site completion so the testimonial can be published.

Do I get credit for the articles I write?

Yes, you deserve all the credit for what you write. You’ll have your own login credentials so that your name appears on the articles. (This excludes LinkedIn articles since it only displays the company name.)

Unfortunately, this only applies to articles.

However, I will gladly screenshot the post/email (plus the analytics) and compile a recommendation or testimonial for you (to display on your website) to boost credibility to potential clients. You can even send them to me if they ask for references.